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Founded in the fall of 1987, Traveling Treasure Trunk is Tufts University’s own children’s theatre troupe that uniquely blends theatre performance with community service. TRUNK writes, directs, and costumes its own original skits, songs, and plays and performs them for kids at daycares, hospitals, and preschools in the greater Boston area. As Tufts’ only children’s’ entertainment troupe, TRUNK takes tremendous pride in the quality of its performances.

The Traveling Treasure Trunk proudly presents…our brand new website!

Sarah Solomon

Sarah Louisa Solomon '14

Hometown: Washington, DC

Major: Geology

Trunker since: Sophomore Fall with Jeremy, Nikki and Marshall!

TRUNK’s most SUPER-silly-ous member (pronounced just the way it’s spelled), Ms. Sarah Salamander’s love for geology surely does rock! Her favorite TRUNK character is Stinky the Sock because he proves that under all the grime, we are all pretty fantastic after all. In her non-Stinky time, Sarah enjoys running in the Fells, cozying up with a good book, drawing, and cooking! A silly + little known fact about Sarah T.? She's capable of running as far as anywhere that is 26.2 miles away from her!

Jeremy Ravinsky

Jeremy Adam Ravinsky '14

Hometown: Motreal, Quebec, Canada

Major: Political Science

Minor: Philosophy

Trunker since: Freshman Fall with Marshall, Nikki and Sarah!

As TRUNK’s kookiest member, Jeremy has the curliest and twirliest hair-do that you ever did see! When he’s not politicizing and philosophizing, Jeremy can be seen taking pictures, sloooow clookin’, and racing down the slopes on his snowboard while singing his favorite TRUNK song, Alligator! A silly + little known fact about Mr. Jeremy T.? He has a keen sense of smell - he can detect the scent of honey as far away as the Garden of the Gobbly’s!!

Avery Stern

Avery Meredith Stern '14

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Major: English

Minor: Child Development

Trunker since: Freshman Spring with Zoe and Ian!

As TRUNK’s most scrumdiddilyumptious-pie-baking member, Ms. Avery mmmlaut thinks cream cheese is absolutely delicious by the spoonful. When she’s not secretly crunching on apples while playing her favorite TRUNK game Bob the Frog, Avery likes to run as far as her little eye can see, mow lawns, do silly crafts, and bake all sorts of delicious treats. A silly + little known fact about Ms. Avery T.? This lucky duck has never broken a bone!

Jamie Hess Wollum

Jamie Hess Wollum '15

Hometown: Denver, CO

Major: Anthropology

Minor: Mass Communications and Media Studies

Trunker since: Freshman Fall with Michael and Alyssa ('12)!

As TRUNK’s most ticklish member, Jamie can sometimes be spotted around campus walking her beloved bandana-wearing stuffed animal dog Honey!! When not daydreaming of doing arts and crafts and other various noodly projects, Jamie likes to take photos, jump rope, wear her funky flowery hat, and sing her all-time favorite TRUNK song about our goofy friend Tony, Toe-knee-Chest-nut!! A silly + little known fact about Ms. Jamie T.? She can write using both of her hands!

Michael Goldfarb Maskin

Michael Goldfarb Maskin '15

Hometown: Montclair, NJ

Major: Political Science and American Studies

Trunker since: Freshman Fall with Jamie and Alyssa ('12)!

As TRUNK’s most pun-alicious member, Michael will always surprise you with the silliest and bestest puns you ever did hear! When not being chased around as his favorite fuzzy TRUNK character Gorilla, Michael enjoys riding his bike, playing baseball, doing wacky- jacks, and reading books. Whatever he does, he just has fun doing it!! A silly + little known fact about Mr. Michael T.? He can juggle and eat ice cream at the same time!

Samuel Ellington Zollman

Samuel Ellington Zollman '15

Hometown: Brandon, VT

Major: Developmental Communication, Environmental Education and Media

Trunker since: Freshman Spring with Ethan!

TRUNK’s gangliest and freckliest member, Sam is often seen cruising the streets of Somerville on his long board. When he’s not being a sk8er boy, Sam likes to go exploring, hang with those wacky Trunkers, and peruse the student garden as his favorite TRUNK character, the ever-so-sassy Cattywompus! A silly + little known fact about Mr. Sam T.? When he grows up he wants to be a baseball-playing astronaut rockstar!!

Nikki Bank

Nikki Bank '15

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Major: Undeclared

Trunker since: Freshman Fall with Jeremy, Marshall and Sarah!

As TRUNK’s giant-veggie-loving member, Nikki could doodle and go exploring all day long if she could! When she’s not acting in her favorite TRUNK skit called Red Bench, this sesquipedalian lady enjoys doing metalwork, collaging, painting, and traveling. She also participates in the Tufts chapter of Strong Women, Strong Girls! A silly + little known fact about Ms. Nikki T.? She once won an entire chocolate bunny by guessing its weight!

Imogen Rose Browder

Imogen Rose Browder '16

Hometown: Calabasas, CA

Major: Undeclared

Trunker since: Freshman Fall with Gabe!

As TRUNK’s most giggly member, Imogen is an adorable and one-of-a-kind Anglo- Aussie-American. When not trying to decide which team to root for in the Olympics, she enjoys acting in 3P’s shows, flying through the air while pole vaulting for TUTF, working for Tufts Admissions, and acting as the snuggable Peter from Prickly Peter and the Land of Fluff. A silly + little known fact about Ms. Imogen T.? She is secretly a super-smiley superhero!

Rachel Allison Frenkel

Rachel Allison Frenkel '16

Hometown: Falls Church, VA

Major: Computer Science

Trunker since: Freshman spring with George!

As TRUNK’s most shower-singingest member, Rachel is always sounding and smelling as fresh as hot cross bunny rabbits. If you can move quick enough, you will find Rachel traveling the world, creating new food concoctions, and doing Magnus-Maximus –level math (she doesn’t even use her fingers!). When she wants to kick back and relax from all of that hulaballo, Rachel enjoys doodling like her favorite TRUNK artiste, Patty Picasso. A silly and little known fact about Ms. Rachel T.? She is a master of awkward parkour.

Sarah George Belle Killian

Sarah “George” Belle Killian '16

Hometown: Annapolis, Maryland

Major: Environmental Studies, Peace and Justice Studies

Trunker since: Freshman spring with Rachel Trunker

As Trunk’s smileyest member, George brings joy wherever she goes. When she is not crooning about her favorite TRUNK character, the lovable Tony Chestnut, George can be found dancing, eating, and fighting climate change all at the same time! George has known that she wants to declare a major in carousel horse riding since Freshman year, which will be sure to make her smile even more. A silly + little known fact about Ms. George T.? She once blew a bubble gum bubble the size of her face! She would make Cha-Cha proud.

Gabrielle Wehmeyer Galat

Gabrielle Wehmeyer Galat '15

Hometown: Andover, MA

Major: Community Health and Child Development

Trunker since: Junior fall with Rachel K and Sam B!

As Trunk's most REI-posterchild-est member, Gab is always ready with a bowl of oatmeal and brown sugar to take on her bike-rides/runs/hikes. When she isn't sniffing out her favorite scents of clean laundry and campfires, or shouting her favorite song about her friend the penguin, Gab is swooning over her labradoodle Zoe. But don't worry - she is always careful not to make her stuffed Walrus, appropriately named Waury, jealous. A silly + little known fact about Ms. Gab G.? She makes sure to incorporate her bright orange rain coat into all of her outfits - she's at a severe disadvantage in laser tag.

Samuel Wesley Boatner

Samuel Wesley Boatner '16

Hometown: Boise, ID

Major: Clinical Psychology

Trunker since: Sophomore Fall with Gab and Rachel K!

As Trunk’s zestiest member, Sam has been found many a time halfway up a tree covered in sap and enjoying his favorite sandwich: peanut butter and jellyfish! When he isn’t gulping down his culinary creations in some far away conifer, or dancing like Backwards Dave all throughout campus, Sam dreams of joining the circus and living under the big top. Zoinks! Even though Sam is busy chasing adventure and painting upside down self-portraits with Rudy the Spider, he will always welcome you along! A zany tidbit about Sam? Before being a Trunker, Sam was raised by gorillas to be the mighty Samsquatch (turns out he doesn’t like the taste of leaves)!

Rachel Anne Kornetsky

Rachel Anne Kornetsky '17

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Major: Peace and Justice and/or Child Development

Trunker since: Freshman fall with Gab and Sam B!

As Trunk's most cuddle-obsessed member, Rachel can often be found frolicking though meadows and singing some of her favorite Disney music! When not daydreaming about traveling around the whole wide world using her special map reading skills that she learned at Mouse Scouts, just like her favorite TRUNK character Marcel, Rachel likes performing, reading a good book, playing Twister, talking in silly voices, and giving the best hugs ever. A silly + little known fact about Rachel T.? She can say the alphabet backwards faster than she can say it forwards!

Ana Thompson Baustin

Ana Thompson Baustin '17

Hometown: Northampton, MA

Major: Undeclared

Trunker since: Freshman Spring with Hadley and Adam!

As TRUNK's fuzziest member, Ana loves laughing extremely loudly and dancing like a crazy person. If she’s not sitting on TRUNK’s imaginary red bench, you can probably find her drinking tea, frantically memorizing lines for a play, or planning her next adventure. She loves being goofy, which takes up almost all of her time. A silly + little known fact about Ms. Ana T.? She thinks that mud sliding is the best form of transportation!

Hadley Dian Gibson

Hadley Dian Gibson '16

Hometown: Freeport, ME

Major: English

Minor: Mass Communications and Media Studies

Trunker since: Sophomore Spring with Adam and Ana!

As Trunk's bounciest member, Hadley can be seen hopping around campus all day, because she loves to be the busiest bumblebee! When she isn't chasing down frisbees or writing limericks about wombats, Hadley likes to blow bubbles while lying on the grass, hunting for roley-poleys, and reading a good book. A silly and little known fact about Ms. Hadley T.? She once caught a butterfly one-handed while playing soccer!

Adam MacCameron Kaminski

Adam MacCameron Kaminski '17

Hometown: Arlington, MA

Major: Undeclared

Trunker since: Freshman Spring with Hadley and Ana!

As Trunk's most adventurer-est member, Adam can usually be found mixing something presumably edible into something else presumably edible. When he's finally sated, look out world! Adam's latest edition comes equipped with zesty dance moves, zesty and zany Birkenstocks, and zesty and zany and quasi-nonfunctional laser vision. A silly + little known fact about Adam T.? He plays the tuba about as well as he can throw it.

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